Mardi Gras Float Series:

Lady of Shallott Mardi Gras Float, 1880’s – 2022
Colorado Garden of the Gods Float, 1969 – 2023
Keukenhof Float, 1969 – 2023
Jungle float 1969, 2023
Bagatelle Float 1969 – 2023

Gallery Pieces:

Autumn Pond – 2022
Pile Lighthouse 2022 – stumpwork embroidery/raised embroidery, found objects, recycled fabrics

Teaching Samples:

Raised Line Sampler – Featured in “All Stitched Up” by Inspirations Magzazine
Stumpwork Embroidery/Raised Embroidery Holly branch – sustainable material and studio scraps
Circles – Neocolor 2 crayons, mulberry paper, and reused upholstery samples
Studio sample – painted linen and repurposed textiles
Mardi Gras Butterfly Costume
Bird’s Nest Music Box
Chesapeake Skipjack Boat – currently on display at the “Changing Chesapeake” Juried art show at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum through March 2023